Sunday, September 03, 2006

Location Changer: Good Idea, unlucky (for me) implementation

I just gave WiLMa a try run and prompty had to reconfigure my mail system. Here is an excerpt from my mail to the author:

One of the great things in apples (unlike the last version of T-Bird I tried or some other mail clients) is that it handles SMTP-Servers on an account basis.
I don't use an open SMTP-Gateway and I neither like nor encourage open SMTP-Gateways. Therefore each of my outgoing mail addresses (private, business, community work) has to use its own SMTP Server/Gateway.
The first time I started WiLMa and went to the 'SMTP Servers' pane I knew I was in (mild) trouble: Only one SMTP-entry...
I switched to and guess what: All accounts already bore the same entry for their SMTP-Servers. And obviously one of them even disappeared from the list (probably because I have two account on the same machine).

At least my other system settings were left alone (sigh), and it only took about 10 Minutes to reconfige the accounts. (Testing included)

Update, less than a day later:
I just got Mail from the author - he really seems to be very responsive, so I think I'll give it another try in december.

Here's (part of) what he wrote:
[...]As for the software's initial behavior, I hadn't thought of it from that angle and will try to get this fixed in time for the October release. Perhaps an opt-in for features instead of an opt-out would be a good solution?[...]

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