Wednesday, March 14, 2007

You want better estimates? Give us more dice.

I'm not sure whether the title works in English, but regarding the way projects are installed in some companies I started to attain the aforementioned attitude.

This is especially helpfull in situations when you're asked "We're not yet exactly sure what we want - but how much will it cost?"

In German: "Ihr wollt bessere Schätzungen? Gebt uns mehr Würfel!"

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Anonymous said...

I know, what you mean. I know, where you work. I know, who your customer is... ;-)
And the additive to the question reads frequently: "And it should be finished tomorrow!"

Michael Mahlberg said...

Actually I wasn't referring to only one client - at almost each client I came across a situation like that.

But I think to know who you are - so I think I get your point! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I wrote the comment so that it could be everyone, also each customer ;-)
But you are right: we work just now for the same customer.