Monday, September 15, 2008

Build-, Version-, Configuration- and Sourcecodemanagement,

Lately I found myself talking about buildmanagement and configuration management a lot. And since this blog lies deserted in the wild anyway I think this is the perfect place to ramble about that stuff so I can point other at some more ressources than I can right now. (And of course other can point me to my own ramblings if I get lost in the discussion)

Topics I’d like to discuss (although this probably wont ever come to an end) include simple, practical, down to earth things like
  • The simplest way to set up svn to work with xcode for a small workgroup
  • How to set up (any) DVCS for XCode
  • How does SCM-integration work in XCode
but also things that seem to be intuitive to some but controversial to others
  • Command line builds
  • To branch or not to branch
and more conceptual topics (the most important to me) as
  • Releases, Versions, Variants and other “Numbers”
  • What is Multi-Dimensional SCM
  • Staging and promoting 

Stay tuned for the first episode in about a week (and nudge me if I havent published it in two weeks!)


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