Sunday, May 18, 2014

Testing in Production?? Of Course! No Never! … ?!?

Recently I’ve come across a number of discussion on testing in production and whether this is good or bad.

Misunderstandings all the way down

Of course it all depends on your perception of what “testing in production” means. If it means delivering products that ripen at the client (what is called “Banana Software” in Germany) that’s quite different from when it means “being able to probe the running system without (too much) disturbance of vital funtions”

How do other professions handle it?

A little while ago I elaborated a bit more on the subject of testing and I also think most of the ideas from this earlier article are still valid. Testing should contribute to better, and more reliable solutions. Whether this requires testing at creation time, build time, roll-out time or during production, testing at the right level with the right approaches is a great thing – of course!!

What do you think?

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